Freitag, 27. August 2010

To Keep A Little Of The Summerfeeling

It’s raining and raining and raining… It seems as if summer is over and we’ll have to face the fact, that fall is coming.
The new season for sure brings new trends and products, which’s always great, I think. But somehow I’m still not ready to let summer go. To make it more easy for me, I always take something with me from summer. That’s how I try to keep a little of the summer feeling.

Besides photos, souvenirs and sweet memories these two beauty products are gonna bring me trough fall and winter. (I’ve been crazy about them this summer):
My YSL lipstick (Rouge Colupté, Peche Passion, Nr. 13) and my American Apparel nail polish (Nail Laquer, Rose Bowl).

Both products have the must beautiful color. I love this peach like color:) It’s so fresh, very girlish and it definitely reminds me of summer:) And the lipstick in addition also has a delicious flavour:) yami..:)

How do you try to keep the summer feeling, besides looking at the wonderful photos and reminiscing about the summer?


  1. Aaahhh ich Liebe diesen Lippenstift ;) Tolle Farben...Liebste Grüße aus Köln..

  2. Love the nail polish!

    American Apparel has great colors!

    GvN - Giorgia

  3. These are both so pretty! I've wanted a YSL lipstick for ages now, cut can never decide on a colour...and I'm loving American Apparel polishes right now! :)

    Thanks for sharing sweet.

    Fashion Stereotype

  4. this colours are simply amazing!!!! just found your blog, really nice!

  5. ich will de nagellack :D müemer morn zämme go poschte :) xx

  6. Wow! I just loved this color... It reminds me a floral pattern!


  7. I LOVE that color! I need to grab myself a bottle from AA soon! :) Happy Friday!

  8. ¡I don't want fall to come yet! Really lovely post.

    I like your blog, I'll follow you closely


  9. ooh fun! I love summer but fall is also great! I think a great way to keep the summery feel is to keep wearing summery dresses and pair them with boots and cardigans!

    xoxo, jaz

  10. Wow that's a gorgeous colour :O might go have a look at it in store! the weather in London isn't good either :( summers definitely over here!

    lovely post Mia

    Monica xx

  11. i love this color!!!