Montag, 15. August 2011

Addicted To Fashion Show

Good morning all together:) How was your weekend?
As I mentioned yesterday I want share some pictures of the "Addicted To Fashion" show with you! The show was really great: beautiful models, cool music and fabulous designs. The designers, which presented their collection were: MILA MIYAHARA, RICK LEE, UNLIKE FASHION DESIGN and FUFAVI. My absolute favorite of the night was Rick Lee. I loved his geometrical design and the mix of different materials!!:)

Guten Morgen alle Zusammen:) Wie war euer Wochenende?
Wie gestern bereits erwähnt, möchte ich euch heute einige Bilder der "Addicted To Fashion" Show zeigen. Die Show war wirklich grossartig: Wunderschöne Models, coole Music und fantastische Designs. MILA MIYAHARA, RICK LEE, UNLIKE FASHION DESIGN und FUFAVI waren die Designer, die ihre Kollektionen präsentierten. Mein absoluter Liebling des Abends: Rick Lee!! Seine geometrischen Muster und der Mix aus verschiedenen Materialien: Der absolute Wahnsinn!

© Mia Härter


  1. Lucky you for getting to watch a fashion show! I've always been dying to go to one!

    <3 Kristina

  2. What amazing photos! Thanks for sharing I did love browsing through them :)


  3. Very nice pictures and how you set them up! It was nice meeting you.

  4. I love the use of different materials in one outfit also, and great pictures xx

  5. wow!! Cool photos. :) Looks like a fabulous event! x

  6. Fabulous photos!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!! :-)

  7. Are these your photos?! They are super great shots! Very artsy but not overly done. Still can make out the beautiful clothing.

  8. The pictures are really great especially the 2nd and 3rd.