Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Swarovski Fall/Winter 2013 + Interview with Nathalie Colin

In my Swarovski post from Baselworld, I already showed you some impressions from the upcoming Swarovski collection. Today I want to show you a few more and let you know what Nathalie Colin told me about the new pieces:)
To me it's one of the most beautiful collection so far! I love so many of the pieces and I'm a huge fan of the Shourouk collaboration pieces! Please let me know how you like the pieces and which ones are your favourites:)

In meinem Swarovski Post von der Baselworld hatte ich euch ja bereits einige Eindrücke der Herbst/Winter Kollektion 2013. Heute möchte ich euch noch mehr zeigen und zudem mit euch teilen, was mir Nathalie Colin, Kreativ Direktorin von Swarovski, zu den neuen Stücken erzählt hat. (Da ich das Interview auf Englisch geführt habe, werde ich es auch nur auf Englisch verschriftlichen, hoffe das geht in Ordnung).
Ich persönlich finde diese Kollektion einer der Schönsten bisher. Ich habe mich in soo viele der Stücke verliebt und finde die Kollaboration mit Shourouk fantastisch! Wie gefallen euch die Sachen und welche Stücke zählen zu euren Lieblingen?

For the new season, which is inspired by the traditional silk route, Nathalie told me, she really wanted to continue telling the story of travels, which started in spring with the Tropical Paradise collection in Brazil and Mexico. For fall/winter Nathalie wanted to continue the travel in a bit more intimate and more mysterious way. She looked for places that could reflect her ideas and kept an eye on the trends and finally decided to tell a story about the silk route. As a big inspiration she mentioned the traveller and explorer Alexandra David-Néel, which always had been an inspirational character for her. Nathalie would have loved to live a life like her being the first one coming to Tibet. So the story Nathalie wanted to tell in the new collection, starts in China, passes the Himalaya, India and ends up in the more opulent, but still mysterious Venice.

After the great collaboration with the young and talented Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço for the spring/summer collection, Nathalie really wanted to work with a designer again. Looking for a person who could plug into the story she ended up finding the designer Shourouk. Nathalie told me that she found Shourouks 'Maharadscha'-inspired jewels would be a great match and decided to invite her to work for the collection. And so Shourouk created some designs especially for this fall/winter Swarovski collection. Nathalie said it was great to work with Shourouk and described her as an adorable person and a great designer. She also suggested, that there are plans of extending the collaboration and to maybe continue it for the next season.

When it comes to watches this fall, Nathalie told me, that there is gonna be a lot of recoloring of existing designs. They're gonna give the designs a new freshness and extend them, due to the fact, that Swarovski still is quite new in this category. She explains, that they had a great development in a short time, but that they're still in the period where they need to consolidate the successful watch lines and families they have.
One of the families that was expanded is the bestseller 'Octea Classica', which now also is available as 'Octea Sport'. This new watch is less classy but more sporty looking. And for men, Nathalie said, they also have a new eye catching line called 'Crystallium'. For this one they had worked together with Eric Giroud for 3 years and ended up winning the 'Red Dot Design Award' for the particular design of this watch.

All press images by Swarovski
I want to thank Nathalie Colin for the interview and PRfact for making this possible:)
Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei Nathalie Colin für das Interview und bei PRfact fürs Möglichmachen bedanken:)


  1. WOW! Swarovski ist sonst nicht so mein Fall aber die gezeigten Schmuckstücke gefallen mir (fast) alle. Besonders die Swarovski bei Shourouk Collection ist der Wahnsinn.

  2. Wirklich traumhafte Schmuckstücke! Man, ich brauch Geld! :D

  3. Incredible pieces! I really like Swarovski. It's not cheap, but more affordable than real diamonds. And they make lovely things.

  4. Mein Herz schlägt immer höher bei Masken, ich liebe Masken :D. Sonst ist die Kollektion aber auch sehr sehr schön, ein glitzerndes Träumchen <3. Danke fürs zeigen und das interessante Interview!

    lg Neru